Hillary Clinton calls Trump campaign’s claims about her health ‘wacky’

  • AP, Washington
  • Updated: Aug 23, 2016 10:35 IST
On the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show,’ Clinton pushed back against rumours that she is physically unfit for the White House. (AP)

Hillary Clinton is pushing back against charges that she’s physically unfit for the White House.

The Democratic presidential candidate says the accusations are part of a “wacky strategy” and an “alternative reality” that’s not focused on the kinds of issues that are most important to voters.

“I do feel sometimes like this campaign has entered into an alternative universe,” she says. “I have to step into the alternative reality and, you know, answer questions about, am I alive, how much longer will I be alive, and the like.”

Clinton says she doesn’t question GOP rival Donald Trump’s health, saying he’s as “healthy as a horse.”

Clinton was speaking in an interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

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