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US polls: Trump backs Indian-American's anti-Hillary film

us presidential election Updated: Jul 24, 2016 16:00 IST
US presidential polls

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees convention in Las Vegas.(Reuters)

Dinesh D’Souza is back. This time with a film, which he calls a documentary, to take down Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Predictably, Republicans are cheering loudly.

Donald Trump strongly recommended the film in a tweet Saturday with a two-word pitch -- “see it” — misspelling D’Souza as “D’Sousa”, which, keeping in character, he hasn’t bothered to correct.

And Laura Ingraham, a firebrand conservative whose speech drew rapturous applause in Cleveland last week, retweeted Trump, saying everyone should see it before the elections.

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, which opened this week, seeks to unmask the nominee and her party with the express purpose of causing her defeat.

D’Souza, an Indian-American who says in the film he left India (decades ago) to escape the gangs running it, ends the movie exhorting Americans to come out and vote to defeat Clinton.

As a convicted man, he adds, he cannot vote.

D’Souza starts the film with his guilty verdict for violating election campaign contribution laws, which, he says was the Obama administration’s retribution for an earlier film.

It was also a hit job, as the current one, called 2016: Obama’s America, released a day before the Republican Party convention in 2012 that nominated Mitt Romney.

In that film, he reminds viewers — mostly old white men and women at a theatre in Democratic-leaning Maryland — he had predicted Obama’s real purpose was to enfeeble the US.

And he has been proven right, he claims.

In a staged courtroom scene, a menacing judge sends D’Souza to jail, where he figures out, with the help of hardened conmen, the scam Democrats are pulling on the country.

D’Souza was born in Mumbai, came to the US as an exchange student, went to Dartmouth, an Ivy League school, and stayed on, says his website

He worked as a policy analyst in President Ronald Reagan’s White House and ended up writing several books and making three films including his latest, Hillary’s America.

A request for comments about the circumstances in which he left India — to escape gangs, as he says — sent through an “Email Dinesh” button remained unanswered for several hours.

An auto response said due to the high volume of emails D’Souza was receiving, “we are not able to respond to all inquires. However, we will do our best to respond as we are able”.

Hillary’s America argues that contrary to its stated plank and common perception, it’s the Democrats who were responsible for most of institutionalised social injustices in the US history.

It was a Democratic president, Andrew Jackson, who dispossessed American Indians of their land and livelihood and, as a large slave-owner, perpetuated slavery.

D’Souza goes on to call Clinton and her husband “depraved criminals”, and using a mix of facts and fiction, argues they are out to steal America, the country, from Americans, its people.

Buffie Ingersoll, a Texas Republican, said she believe D’Souza makes a compelling case in the film, which, she acknowledged will be watched only by the “converted”, the conservatives.