Happiness is attitudinal

The man was visibly disturbed. He searched a quiet corner in the garden and sat in a thoughtful mood. He was quite a hardworking man and wished to have all the means of happiness for his family. That day he wanted to buy an expensive gift for his son and celebrate his birthday.

The mere idea cheered up the man; but the next moment he had a grave face as he looked into his wallet. His eyes got filled up with tears, thinking of the innocent face of his son.

He heard some voices from a nearby place but he did not pay any heed. He wanted to keep silent but was getting disturbed by the continuous giggles.

The man got up in frustration and looked around for some other place to sit and think in complete silence.

Before leaving, he casually looked in the direction from where the voices were coming. He saw a middle-aged man, his wife and his daughter sitting at a distance and were talking and laughing. All of them were donning old and tattered clothes and there was a small rag bag near the man. The old man wondered how despite their poor and sad state, they were laughing and were quite happy.

The man in old worn-out clothes took out a small piece of sweet from his shabby bag. He broke it into three small pieces.

The man, standing at a distance from this family, was feeling curious as well as confused. He wanted to know what this poor family was doing.

He tiptoed and went nearer them, behind a tree. Getting closer, he saw the poor man putting a small piece of sweet into his son’s mouth and another tiny piece into his wife’s mouth. They were all smiling, looking at each other and started talking and laughing.

The man closed his eyes and realised that you do not need to have great occasions to celebrate and be happy. We may find it in every tiny moment if we open up out heart. It is all there in your attitude.


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