The OMG feeling

The film Oh My God gives one a pleasant surprise. With so many "spiritual facts" presented so beautifully, it is an eye-opener for people of every faith and religion.

Quotes are presented from the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Quran emphasising one and the same fact: God is not the property of any "self-made teacher or guru" from any religion and such persons should be shunned.

He should be searched in one's own heart. He can be seen nurturing the siblings in a birds nest or having His dinner with the ants on the ground. One who remains balanced in honour and dishonour and never loses his temper is a Sadhu and not he who has been getting angry,  which made the pundit quiet.

Yoga Vasisht says when a candle lits many candles, it may appear to be the multiplication of the flame, which is not true.  It is the same flame that burns in many candles; even so, it is one and the same infinite consciousness or Brahman that appears to be several "limitations of consciousness" or Jivas (individual souls).

Contemplating on this diversity and realising it to be untrue leads one to liberation from falsehood. Getting established in the oneness of the infinite consciousness in this way, one is at peace with himself, whether one is inactive or engaged in work actively. This condition of being established in the supreme state thus is also called the state of non-self or emptiness.

Then there is no craving in the mind for the pleasures of the senses that aggravates ignorance. Knowing this one should not try to fulfil the cravings. And then Brahman, Jiva, mind, world and Maya, will appear to be synonymous and the one non-dual existence of infinite consciousness will come to the understanding. As soon as the limitation of consciousness in Jiva is overcome, the Jiva regains its original status of Brahman -- the unlimited. All kinds of yoga and meditation are designed only for this purpose.


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