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Gopalkrishna Gandhi

India needs a thinker, not a despot on its peacock throne

Can people who showed the door even to a person as esteemed as Vajpayee, vote into office a govt headed by one who has split the country into those who worship him and those who fear him? Perhaps they can, perhaps they will, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Let the new Lok Sabha be less of the nation’s costliest entertainment

The next House will be more of a House and less of the nation’s costliest entertainment. It will have more women MPs than any previous Lok Sabha. It will have no male MP who is guilty of known or unknown violence against women.

Varanasi shouldn't oblige political use of its legacy

If Narendra Modi’s bull-horns do get locked in Varanasi with Arvind Kejriwal’s sharp ram-antlers, we will witness a riveting contest.Varanasi’s hospitality to the two outsiders will be following a notable tradition, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Governments should use right to transfer officials judiciously

Transfers are rehearsals of retirement from service, even as retirement is, in terms of saying final goodbyes, a pre-play of death. But frequent transfers can make a person feel professionally disintegrated, personally demoralised.

Pranab’s R-Day address is the most honest public expression

President Pranab Mukherjee is a political artist. His address to the nation on the eve of Republic Day, this year, was a triumph of this artistry, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Suchitra Sen's closed door opened her life

'When I reached Kolkata as the governor in the December of 2004, there were five people I wanted to spend time with, including the legendary actress, who preferred being left undisturbed,' Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Kejriwal, the name which stirs political imagination of India

Arvind Kejriwal's biggest strength is not his integrity but his independence. He should retrieve his natural role by offering himself as a candidate for the LS, like independent candidates do.

The Republic of India is not the home for all its founders imagined

In this last week of 2013 that has seen sleaze in politics and misdemeanour of all kinds, we ought to know who and what ‘we’ are as a people. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Watching every step you take

By entering the electoral portal, the Aam Aadmi Party has accepted responsibility, accountability and vulnerability to critical evaluation by the people, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

When Mandela taught me about India: Gopalkrishna Gandhi

For any ambassador, presenting the letters of credence to a head of state is a very intense moment. When I stood before President Nelson Mandela, in Pretoria, the moment was more than intense, writes Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

How poll panel made elections India's pride

The phrase ‘trust deficit’ is insufficient to describe the one thing that has gone missing from our public life. Is there any leader to whom you can say “I can trust you, I know it as I look at you?" Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Sardar Patel, truth and hype about a leader

The Mahatma was the most respected, Jawaharlal Nehru the most loved and Subhas Bose the most longed-for. But when it came to the iron control over the political apparatus in the country, Sardar Patel stood alone. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

We are small men

The great causes of today’s India, where mighty forces are at work, beg great responses. But we are not providing those, thanks to our obsession with short-term gains. Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

A man to remember

In a country which once had a selfless leader like Jayaprakash Narayan, there is not much idealism left in politics today, Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes.

Mahatma's choice

Gandhi wanted our first president to be someone who was a political and a moral leader. He placed his trust in a harijan khadi worker, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, writes.
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