HindustanTimes Fri,18 Apr 2014

Ramachandra Guha

Our leaders are not asking hard questions

Unlike Gandhi, Mr Modi and Mr Kejriwal are both excellent orators. One is powerful and eloquent; the other, mischievous and witty. However, one is yet to hear them ask hard questions of their countrymen, or, indeed, of themselves.

Silver lining of 2014 elections: the professional as politician

The freedom movement was largely led by those who exchanged professional success for an uncertain life of struggle. With independence came the career politician, in quest of prestige and profit, Ramachandra Guha writes in a new HT column.

Terminal damage

The liberalisation of the economy hasn’t improved our environmental situation. Instead, natural systems have continued to decline, while social conflicts have increased. Ramachandra Guha writes.

India remains a work in progress

Discrimination against low castes, corruption in public institutions by government officials, and a growing trend towards women’s  equality — India’s report card in its 65th year is a story of moderate achievement. Ramachandra Guha writes.

What a tragic fall

The politics of emancipation was once the hallmark of leaders from Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Today this has given way to the politics of vengefulness and nepotism. Ramachandra Guha writes.

Degrees of desperation

By converting a three-year bachelor's degree into a four-year programme, Delhi's premier centre of learning will only compromise a reputation that has taken generations to build. Ramachandra Guha writes.

This neglect is tragic

For all the knowledge on the need for road safety, the issue has not permeated the public consciousness, writes Ramachandra Guha.





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