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Sanchita Sharma
Sanchita Sharma
  • By now, most people are more than familiar with the risk factors for heart disease - high blood pressure, inactivity, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, among others- but few know that some seemingly unrelated diseases also aggravate the risk of heart disease and early death.
  • Music therapy
    Aug 15, 2015 17:27 IST

    How music lowers pain, anxiety after surgery

    Listening to music before, during and after surgery lowers patients' pain and anxiety even if they are unconscious under general anaesthesia, concluded researchers after reviewing 72 studies on the effect of music on recovery after surgery.

  • Smartphone
    Aug 08, 2015 16:59 IST

    Moody, distracted child? Blame it on bedtime smartphone use

    Frequent use of devices at bedtime not only disrupts sleep but also affects areas of the brain that regulate mood and memory, resulting in mood swings, anxiety, depression, memory problems and behavioural disorders, such as ADHD.

  • Execution Death penalty Capital Punishment
    Aug 02, 2015 01:25 IST

    Is humane execution really possible?

    Yakub Memon’s hanging once again put the spotlight on whether death penalty should be abolished and, if not, whether it can be made more humane. Globally, a wide range of methods of state execution are used — hanging, decapitation, firing squad, lethal injection, stoning — with hanging being the most common and used in 60 countries.

  • Low BP
    Jul 18, 2015 17:35 IST

    Suffering from low blood pressure? Here's how it can harm you

    A single lower-than-normal reading is not a cause for worry if there are no symptoms. But a sudden drop in pressure - a fall of 20/10 mmHg or more - along with symptoms of dizziness, fainting spells, clammy skin, nausea, blurred vision or disorientation indicate trouble.

  • Empathy
    Jul 11, 2015 17:48 IST

    From apathy to empathy in just three simple steps

    Empathy, which for years people believed was an attribute that you were either born with or lacked -- can be taught.

  • Paediatrician
    Jul 04, 2015 16:29 IST

    Is India doing enough for public health?

    Each year, 40 million people are pushed into poverty because they are forced to abandon jobs because of ill health or have to sell their land and assets to pay healthcare costs.

  • skinny jeans
    Jun 27, 2015 17:46 IST

    Are skinny jeans, high heels, tattoos really a health hazard?

    Can ill-chosen apparel and accessories actually wreck your body? Undoubtedly. Does it mean that you should wrap yourself in swathes of natural fibre and only opt for orthopaedic shoes? Absolutely not.

  • Fat
    Jun 20, 2015 21:13 IST

    Brown or white? How the colour of fat determines weight

    Skinny or voluminous, all of us have some amount of fat tucked away inside us, with the type, amount and distribution depending on our genes and lifestyle. Body fat is classified brown, white, subcutaneous and visceral. Some of it is healthy, most is not.

  • The doctor's in but is (s)he listening?
    Jun 14, 2015 11:12 IST

    Are you listening doctor? 'Patient' hearing leads to better decisions

    If you ask yourself when was the last time you met a doctor who listened to you, you're likely to struggle to recall. If you've actually met one who did, it's likely he or she is the one you keep going back to for every real or imagined threat to your health.

  • Toxin
    Jun 06, 2015 15:57 IST

    Toxic bites: Tracking poisons in your diet

    If you're wondering why we're all not dead despite this deadly onslaught, it's because our liver, kidneys and digestive system work overtime to break down and excrete most of these toxins, usually within hours.

  • woman
    May 25, 2015 13:49 IST

    Beat the heat: A ready-reckoner on keeping cool

    Sweating leads to excessive loss of salt and minerals, causing the body to dehydrate severely and causing problems.

  • Homosexuality
    May 23, 2015 18:15 IST

    India's turn to say 'yes': Lessons from Irish vote on same-sex marriage

    Though India is one of the few countries that legally recognises the third gender and gay-rights activists are getting increasing popular support, India ranked 81 among 127 countries ranked in the Gay Happiness Index compiled by Planet Romeo, a popular dating app that surveyed 7,100 people in India.

  • Botox
    Apr 18, 2015 18:31 IST

    Botox's less glam avatar treats spasm, incontinence

    Botox reaches the brain but does not cause side effects, which shows its use is safe. But at the end of the day, it is a neurotoxin. When given in wrong doses by untrained hands, Botox can play havoc with your nerves.

  • Kleptomania
    Apr 25, 2015 20:04 IST

    Urge overkill: Here's why kleptomaniacs are not thieves

    Kleptomaniacs rarely set out to steal. They nick because they are unable to overcome a sudden irresistible urge to pilfer things they don't want or need. It's the act of stealing, not the object swiped, that gives kleptomaniacs a high.

  • Hypertension
    May 09, 2015 18:45 IST

    Hypertension: What's your number?

    In most cases, hypertension does not cause symptoms. And in rare cases when symptoms- headaches, ringing in the ears, lightheadedness, sleeplessness, fatigue - do occur, people put it down to stress and overwork and don't seek treatment.