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Barkha Dutt

Politics of change

In today’s India, politicians can build mass bases on the back of good governance as well, writes Barkha Dutt.

A reality check

We didn’t like being confronted with the naked truth of our slums; but we sure as hell love the Oscars. Barkha Dutt elaborates.

Back to square one, again

After an initial phase of obfuscations, denials and bizarre flip-flops, Pakistan seemed to offer the promise of cooperation. The admission of Kasab being a Pakistani national was the much-needed start, writes Barkha Dutt.

Why isn’t India saying ‘Jai ho’?

Having seen the most-talked about film of the year, I can argue that the controversy is just so much humbug. It’s a manufactured debate that reveals a petty, thin-skinned intolerance, writes Barkha Dutt.

Nothing black or white about it

A strange thing happened this week. A close journalist friend called from Pak, upset and angry, that I, along with the rest of the Indian media had supposedly turned “hawkish.” Barkha Dutt elaborates.

Building blocks

In the past week, our anger has shown shadows of hate, malice and religious prejudice. If we allow this to multiply, we would have lost before the fight has even begun, writes Barkha Dutt.

The Renaissance Man

An Obama for India is a liberal lament that we have now heard more times than we can count. But what is India really looking to emulate? Barkha Dutt elaborates.

Missing: the Indian State

So the next time the bombs go off and we quiz our netas on allegations of ‘security lapses’, we should also ask them when security agencies will stop being treated like their political fiefs, writes Barkha Dutt.

The next wave

Will the BJP leaders meeting in Bangalore hitch their fortunes to the New India or turn the party into an anachronism? Barkha Dutt finds more.

Women’s fib

The problem with Feminism in the 21st century is precisely this. It’s got mauled and distorted into being defined by ‘free choice’, writes Barkha Dutt.

No news is bad news

India’s policymakers have no idea how to engage with the multiple power centres in Pakistan. In other words, Pakistan’s mess, in many ways, is also our headache, writes Barkha Dutt.

Their time starts now

The political drama of the past week was written to be performed as the theatre of the absurd, writes Barkha Dutt.

A stitch in time...

It is time for the new Governor, NN Vohra, to start the process of change in Valley by relinquishing control of the shrines, writes Barkha Dutt.

Pawns to the game

When the future of Parliament is all set to be determined by which party manages to bribe five MPs from Jharkhand, words like ‘propriety’and ‘morality’ are meaningless, writes Barkha Dutt.
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