Google bans 'sexual content' from its ad network

  • ANI, Washington
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  • Updated: Jul 07, 2014 17:34 IST

Google has reportedly changed its advertisement guidelines which prohibits promotion of sexually themed sites, specifically those that feature graphic sexual acts with intent to arouse including sex acts such as masturbation.

According to CNBC, Google had sent notification of the policy change in an email to companies that were positioned to be in violation of the new policy earlier in June, which read- 'Beginning in the coming weeks, we'll no longer accept ads that promote graphic depictions of sexual acts including, but not limited to, hardcore pornography; graphic sexual acts including sex acts such as masturbation; genital, anal, and oral sexual activity.'

Adult industry insiders say the impact of Google's decision won't be clear for some time, while many companies use AdWords, the report added.

Meanwhile, 'Porn' is one of the most common searches on Google. In the month of May, searches for the words sex, porn, free porn and porno fell just short of 351 million, according to Google AdWords Keyword Planner.


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