Vine says no to sexually explicit content

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  • Updated: Mar 07, 2014 11:43 IST

Video-sharing service Vine has officially banned sexually explicit content on its platform.

The service had earlier taken steps to hide pornographic and sexually explicit videos shared by its users, but now it has completely overhauled its policies, bringing a complete ban on explicit material.

In a blog post, Vine said that they found there were a very small percentage of videos that was not a good fit for their community, The Verge reports.

Vine further admitted that they didn't have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet, but they just prefer not to be the source of it.

The service has posted a help center article to help users understand what sorts of clips were permitted compared to those that are now banned.

The new rules prohibit videos of sexual acts, sexually provocative nudity, and close-ups of "aroused genitals underneath clothing" as are artistic or animated videos that are sexually graphic.

The service said that depictions of nudity or partial nudity that were "primarily documentary, educational or artistic in nature" were still allowed under the new rules.

The report added that offenders of the new policy would face account suspensions, and a permanent ban would be levied upon repeat offenders.


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