5 simple tips to make your face oil-proof

Besides cooling and detoxifying the body, sweat cleanses pores of dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil. But too much sweating can never be good? Here are five ways to keep the shine in check.

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1 Prime time your face: Prevention is better than cure. Use matte finish primer in order to resist shine/oil after you put on your makeup. It just acts like super base for your other makeup products, making them last longer as well as covering pores. It also prevents makeup streaks on your face caused by sweating.

2 Ice ice baby: There is an easy homemade fix to curb your oily issues. Just splash cool water or rub ice on your face right before applying makeup. This cold compression would help in closing the skin pores, and no open pores mean — no oil! You can also apply astringent to combat oil.

3 Matte mania: Ditch your cream-based products and move on with ‘T-shine ­mattifying’ makeup, which helps control excess oil by setting in perfectly into the skin.

4 Wonder powder: Use face powder with a powder puff instead of your regular brush to let the powder sink in.

5 Blot it out: Make blotting paper your best buddy! Keeping them handy will make your face smear-free.


Here are some habits that are a must for all skin types

* Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and flush out all the toxins

Eat proteins, but in moderation

* Rejuvenate your skin by applying a paste of honey, olive oil and a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood

* Drink amla juice (2tsp) along with aloe vera juice (2tsp) every day

* Take blood purifying herbs such as manjishtha, khadir and sariva

* Abhayangam (oil massage) and udhvartan (powder massage) make your skin soft and supple

* Avoid refined foods such as white flour, white rice and processed sugar. And avoid products made with these ingredients. Over-consumption of tea, coffee and colas leads to unattractive skin and premature aging.

(With inputs by ishika taneja, Makeup Expert and Executive Director, ALps Beauty Clinic)


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