About the Mosquito

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  • Updated: Jun 11, 2003 11:53 IST


The male mosquitoes live on plant juice. Only the females feed on blood, once in 2-3 days for nourishment of eggs. Some species prefer human blood, some animal blood. Usually they feed in the evening or the early part of the night.


They rest during the day in dark, cool corners. They hibernate in severe winters or when the environmental conditions are not favourable.


Anopheles prefers clean water, Culex dirty water, Aedes artificial collection of water and Mansonoides water with particular vegetation.

Life span

They live from 8-34 days. Both high and low temperatures are fatal for them. They don't seem to fly very far (only about 11 kms) from the place where they breed.

(Source: Webhealthcentre.com)


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