Be sun ready: quick tips you can follow

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Sun exposure can lead to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, mark and even dry skin.

The hottest season of the year requires a lot of care for your skin even as you enjoy the heat and freedom of summer.

Here are some quick skin care tips you can follow.

1 Screen away the sun: Rashes due to heat are most common in this ­season. Use a good ­sunscreen before stepping out. Keep your skin hydrated by splashing your face with cold water several times a day. You can also bathe with neem water and apply turmeric and sandalwood pack.

2 Soothe the sting: Prickly heat is a common allergic reaction due to prolonged perspiration. Avoid ­scrubbing the area and apply calamine lotion, ice and sandalwood powder. You can also apply a mix of sandalwood powder, rose water and watermelon juice to soothe the area. You can also develop allergic ­reaction when the sun rays hit the chemicals on the skin. Swimming, ­sunbathing, excessive use of cosmetics, perfumes, soaps etc are some of the common reactors. Just cleanse your skin and apply rose water or cucumber juice. Stop using cosmetics or chemicals on the skin till the problem is under ­control.

3 Don't ignore that itch: Sun allergy may also cause hives on the skin. Mild allergies can be treated with anti-itch skin cream while severe symptoms can be tackled with a combination of ­prescribed drugs. Over the counter medications like vitamin E and aloe vera are also helpful in dealing with any kind of skin allergies.

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(with inputs by DR Seema Malik, MD, Eleganza Rejuvenation clinic)


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