Being single can cause you heart attack

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  • Updated: Feb 03, 2013 12:56 IST

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Have you been evading tying the knot, fearing that the hassles of married life could take a toll on your peace and well being? Here’s a reason why you should think about it. A new study says that wedlock can do good to your heart! Married people are less prone to heart attacks than singletons and more likely to recover if stricken, according to a recent Finnish study.

Researchers collected data on 15,330 people between the ages of 35 and 99 who suffered ‘acute coronary events’. The team found that unmarried men were 58 to 66% more likely to suffer a heart attack than married ones. For women, the nuptial benefit was even greater, single women were 60% to 65% more likely to suffer acute coronary events, the researchers reported. Speculating the reasons, the team said that married people may have a higher, combined income, healthier habits and a bigger support network.

They could also not discount the psychological effects of marital bliss. “Unmarried people have been found to be more likely depressed and according to previous studies depression seems to have an adverse effect on cardiovascular mortality rates,” lead author Aino Lammintausta from the Turku University Hospital said.


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