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  • Updated: Mar 12, 2014 20:06 IST

Here's how you can detoxify.

It’s wonderful to wake up to a happy mind and a healthy body. But, thanks to our mad-paced lives, confused eating habits and diet cheat days that run into weeks, health often takes a backseat.

While many of us still swear by a purifying mix of warm water and lemon, a lot of us don’t think beyond these options. From green smoothies and herbalicious teas to water strained with wonder condiments and greens, start the process of de-toxification from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. We tell you about some leafy blends and delicious digestives that will not only help you clean up your system, but will also help you get glowing skin and ­combat ­ailments.

1An exotic cup for healthy life
“Give your body a break from all caffeinated and carbonated drinks, for a day. Instead, sip on green tea,” suggests fitness and health expert, Prachi Agarwal. Many of us already swear by herb-infused teas, that are a healthier substitute to your kadak masala chai and milky cups of bed tea. Experiment with myriad flavours available in the market — from special breakfast blends to exotic mixes. Apart from regulating digestion, these teas also flush your system and rid them off toxins. Perk up your tea with honey and lemon or just add a fibre-fused or oatmeal cookie as a   smile-inducing add-on. Strained and healthy
Make your night fix with a ­simple concoction of spices and kitchen herbs. “Take a bowl and pour two glasses of water into it. Now, add 6 basil (tulsi) leaves or two cloves. Soak them overnight, and in the morning, strain the water. Drink it first thing in the morning at room temperature. Clove and tulsi are natural antacids and they clean toxins from the blood stream,” says nutritionist Tripti Tandon. The same way, you can also use fenugreek (methi) seeds that help in balancing sugar levels and carom seeds (ajwain) that help in digestion.

3 Oh, honey!
The best way to indulge in your sweet cravings and detoxify your skin in the same breath is honey, honey! A warm blend is created by a collision of ­flavours, using honey and powdered ­cinnamon, which helps in weight loss and in providing anti-oxidants. If you start your day with a glass full of milk, skip sugar cubes and ­harmful sweeteners, and go for a spoon of honey instead. You can do the same with your helping of yoghurt or curd, if you start your day with a bowl full. Pour all your honey in small mason jars and keep them on the serving table in place of your sugar dish.

4 Go green and mean
Slice, grind, blend and pour. Put all your leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits in a tall glass and drink to your health. “Go for seasonal fruits like oranges, apples and papaya that are rich in antioxidants. Our body produces free radicals that cause damage and need to be flushed out regularly. Therefore, a diet rich in antioxidants is necessary to maintain good health,” adds Prachi Agarwal.  Also, make an indulgent blend using all things fresh and green, including cucumbers, kale and spinach. These provide detoxification alongside energising and rejuvinating your body to make it ready for  the day ahead.


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