Dos and don'ts for hair care this summer

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Snip, serum, shampoo and screen. With the mercury at 45 degrees Celsius and the sun blazing down, experts say you must go for frequent trims, apply serum to protect those tresses, use mild shampoo to keep them clean and wear a hat to shield them when you go out.

With the extreme summer well under way, experts warn that the high temperatures damage hair even more than the skin. And they dole out a series of tips on how to keep those tresses healthy.

"Heat is the most harmful thing for hair. The mix of heat and pollution is like poison for hair. Also, people don't go for right conditioners in summer and use cold water which is more harmful," hair stylist Jawed Habib told IANS.

The soaring temperatures notwithstanding, people do have to step out for work and serum is essential, particularly if you are planning to stay for long in the sun.

"Serum is called sunscreen for hair. It's a kind of oil. Summer brings dryness by taking away moisture from hair and hair becomes dull. To protect them from such damage, hair serum is the only way," said Jawed, founder of Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Limited. He owns over 266 salons and 46 hair academies across the country.

"To protect your hair in summer, conditioner is one essential element. One should always apply it after every bath. Also, try to cover your head when you go out. Be it male or female, they should use umbrellas, hats or caps."

Giving more dos and don'ts, Jawed said: "Avoid using additional heat on your hair. It means, make the least use of hairdryers, curlers on your hair. Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water. The heat can dry out and damage your hair and skin."

Dhruv Abhichandani, artistic director, Drama Saloon, and a member of the L'oreal Professionel Dream Team, added that conditioner is as essential as shampooing.

"But those who avoid conditioner can use serum. It gives shine as well as softness to the hair. Try using products without alcohol in summers as they increase dryness in hair. Usually it brings dehydration to the hair. One can try using shampoo with rich moisture to avoid dryness," he said.

Use of baby shampoo is another option.

"During summers one should wash hair frequently. They can go for morning and evening wash, but to keep it safe, I would suggest that use mild shampoos or something like baby shampoo," said hairstylist Amzad Habib.

Another tip - don't use extremely cold or extremely hot water to wash your hair.

Jawed said: "One should not use high temperature water. Water temperature should be balanced - neither too cold or too hot. Always go for lukewarm water. Sometimes people put ice to make it cold and wash their hair, it's the absolutely wrong way of washing hair."

People love spending time in the swimming pool during summer, but before entering the pool don't forget to apply serum as chlorine is harmful for hair.

It's also good to know your shampoo as different seasons have different products. In summer, use a moisturizer-based shampoo, which has mint or protein.

For those who prefer naturopathy, Amzad suggests they can treat an oily scalp with mint paste and juice.

"The paste balances oil of the scalp. At the same time it stops further oil secretion. You can use mint juice also... it can be applied like oil on the scalp," he said.

Last but not the least, keep it short during the summer months.

"I would suggest shorter streaks and step cuts. Go for regular haircuts... This can be really wonderful. Try a trendy and sleek hairstyle, which is easy and comfortable to carry. Wear a ponytail," said Amzad.


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