Eating tomatoes wards off depression? 

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  • Updated: Dec 06, 2012 12:52 IST

If you have been feeling downcast and gloomy, then the best thing to do overcome this state of mind is to eat tomatoes a few times a week, say researchers. 

Researchers analysed the mental health records and diet habits of about 1,000 men and women aged 70 years or over.

They found those eating tomatoes two to six times a week were 46% less likely to suffer the blues than those eating the red fruit less than once a week. 

A team from China and Japan, led by Kaijun Niu from China’s Tianjin Medical University, wanted to investigate preliminary reports that lycopene might also promote psychological and well as physical health by reducing oxidative stress, or damage to healthy brain cells, the Journal of Affective Disorders reported.

But other fruits and vegetables do not have the same benefits, the study found. ANI


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