Four ways to make your salad actually healthy

  • Cottage cheese and fruit

    Cottage cheese and fruit: Get low-fat cottage cheese (paneer or tofu). Add any kind of fruit. Apples, citrus, berries. Add a dash of ...

  • Scrambled tofu

    Scrambled tofu: This recipe is healthier than scrambled eggs. Add some onions, green peppers or other veggies, some light soy sauce or tamari, ...

  • Greek yogurt

    Greek yogurt: This tangy, creamy yogurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein—nearly twice as much as regular yogurt—to keep you ...

  • Peanut butter-fuit wrap

    Peanut butter-fuit wrap: Who says wraps are just for lunch? Bonus: The peanut butter will help keep mid-day cravings at bay. You need: ...

  • Eggs with peppers

    Eggs with peppers: If you love eggs, this is the breakfast for you. Egg whites are healthier than whole eggs, so scramble them ...

  • Strawberry smoothie

    Strawberry smoothie: Brimming with good-for-you antioxidants, this breakfast beverage also travels well. You need: 1/3 cup pomegranate juice, 2 teaspoons honey, 3/4 cup ...

  • Fresh fruit salad

    Fresh fruit salad: Nothing beats this breakfast combo. Cut up some apples, melons, berries, oranges, pears, bananas, grapes- any or all or whatever ...

A heavy salad dressing and extra dose of cheese can turn your salad from filling to calorie-rich. We tell you how to make light and healthy but delicious salads.

1 Go for light salads: A heavy dressing can turn your salad  from wholesome to ­unsavoury. So, order your salad dressing carefully. Use healthy oils such as canola oil, olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. Whenever ­possible, choose light, low-fat sauces for salad dressing.

Add veggies: Make your greens delicious by adding a variety of fresh ­vegetables. Choose ­different colours of ­veggies to get the most health benefits. Broccoli, carrots, ­cucumbers are great choices. Make sure you stick to raw or ­lightly-steamed ­vegetables, and avoid the ones that are fried.

Add proteins: Go for ­animal protein. Select one lean source, for instance, four egg whites. If you’re a vegetarian, choose half-a-cup of kidney beans or other legumes. Add ­cereals in the form of couscous, quinoa. Skip anything fried or drenched in heavy sauce. Avoid mayonnaise and cream, and use fruit pulp instead.

Citric Fruits: Add citric fruits or vegetables like olives and tomatos to make your salad scrumptious, yet healthy. It would add vitamin C to your diet, which is essential for your health. Add vegetables with skin. It will add fibre to your salad.

(With inputs by Chef Ashish Singh)


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