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  • Updated: May 16, 2003 23:47 IST

How safe are we from pollution at home? The pollution that is present outside can come right in.

The potable water supplied to us by corporations and municipalities is not above contamination. When we use well water, we always run the risk of contamination from seepage from sources such as the underground drainage system.

As for the air indoors, Tata Energy Research Institute's recent findings state, "For a large number of people, poor indoor air quality may pose more of a health problem than the air pollution outdoors. Also, people exposed to indoor air pollutants over a long period of time may become more vulnerable to outdoor air pollutants."

We have an overburdened and comatose civic amenities department. Garbage disposal is left to the community in many urban areas. Therefore, we must gear ourselves and our homes to provide that much extra care to avoid diseases and relieve stresses caused by poorly kept environments. Here is what you can do about basic amenities like water, air and light to make life healthier.

(To be continued)

(Source: Webhealthcenter.com)


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