How to balance out excess salt

Added too much salt in your food? Fret not. Here are 5 simple ways to balance the amount of salt in your food.

1 Vinegar and sugar: To balance out excess salt in your dish, put a little vinegar and half a teaspoon sugar in the gravy.

2 Make it creamy: If your recipe has cream, then add some more cream to it to alter the taste. Add little at a time and taste the preparation before serving.

3 The sponge effect: Throw a cut-up potato or a ball of kneaded dough into the dish. It will soak up the salt. Taste the gravy before serving and throw away the kneaded dough/potato before serving.

Salt4 Cooking up: The best and the most reliable way to balance out excess salt from your food is to redo a saltless small quantity of the gravy and then mix it with the salted preparation. However, this arrangement is possible only if you have enough time on your hand.

5 Chick-pea recipe: If you have added extra salt in your chick pea dish, then boil half a cup of white chick peas without salt and add to the recipe. Else, deep fry some pieces of potato and add to the recipe with cut pieces of green chillies and tomato.  

HTC with inputs from cookery expert, Manju Monga


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