How to de-stress yourself

From sangeet to mehendi, cocktail to wedding— there’s a lot that will tire you out. To keep the glow on your face intact, we bring to you quick and easy 5-minute beauty mixes.

Brown sugar and milk mix

Take a bowl, and cut-open three sachets of granulated brown sugar into it. Add a dash of milk and a dollop of your everyday moisturiser, along with an easy helping of honey, and whip it well. Now, use the thick mix as a scrub.

Oat meal scrub
Mix ground oats with honey in a bowl, a dash of lemon and some milk. Use the pack evenly across your face. This stimulates your blood circulation and helps you de-stress.

Green tea eye pack and cleanser
Run two green tea bags under hot water and when they have cooled down a bit, place one on each eye for two minutes. Green tea contents are also used as a quick face cleanser. After soaking a tea bag in hot water for about 20 seconds, cut the bag open and pour the contents into a bowl full of hot water. You can also add a liquid facewash to the mix for some texture. Now apply evenly, massage and wash.

Text: Snigdha Ahuja


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