How to keep flab at an arm's length

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  • Updated: May 02, 2013 01:12 IST

Has flab made way to your arms, and are you forced to wear full sleeves even during the scorchy summer days? Jiggly wiggly arms have nothing to do with age necessarily. Blame genetics, but it's a fact that some of us tend to store more fat in certain areas than others. Wafer thin girls with double chins, frail guys with a pot belly, it all has to do with those tricks our genes play on us. So, if you have been storing fat in your arms, try out these easy workouts that can help you get them in shape. But do remember that you can’t be gorging and gorgeous at the same time. Seek an expert to help work out a balanced diet plan for you and see the results.

Press on Knees
Lie on your stomach with your palms touching the ground. Lift your upper body and hips off the mat, keeping the knees on the floor and your elbows close to your body as you rise. This is a great exercise for the back of arms and also helps tone up your shoulders and chest.  Begin slowly and work your way up to  3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Just try and make your hands clasp and hold each other at your back, as in the picture. To do this, bend your left arm at the elbow (left elbow pointing upward) to touch the centre of your back while bending the right arm at the elbow (right elbow pointing downward) to again touch the centre of your back. Now make your hands clasp and hold each other. Stay for 30 seconds. Repeat Now do the same with the right elbow pointing upward and left downward. Keep your back straight.  

This is surely one of the easiest work out to get rid of arm flab. All you need to do is a namaste backwards. Just take your hands to the centre of your back, and join your palms, the way you do a namaste. The posture not only helps make your arm muscle tighter, but also improves flexibility.

Overhead press
Sit or stand, hold a small weight or water bottle filled with water, close to your ear. Raise the arm above your head while keeping it close to your ear. Repeat the same for the opposite arm. Make sure you only rest your arm for the time it takes to work the other arm. Again, begin slowly and work your way up doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Parallel push ups
Lie on the ground on your stomach. Now raise your torso and legs making your entire body parallel to the ground. Your legs should rest on the fingers of your feet and the upper body on the palms. Keep your neck straight, and look downward. Stay for 20-30 counts, then come down and relax. This workout demands a little practice to be mastered, and beginners shouldn’t overdo it.


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