Managing morning sickness

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  • Updated: Oct 17, 2003 21:23 IST

Take small but nutritious meals. Do not skip meals.

  • You may have food cravings. It is okay to give in to these but try to avoid strong odours and spicy food.
  • Dry food like roti or toast may be more agreeable
  • If you are also cooking the meal, keep the kitchen well ventilated, so that the odours do not become unbearable.
  • If cooking is stressful, think of alternatives like getting help or ordering from a caterer, but do not use this an excuse to stop eating a proper meal.
  • Eat an early dinner.
  • Drink plenty of fluids but avoid aerated drinks.
  • Do not reduce your normal dietary intake, thinking eating less will reduce nausea.

Is it safe to take medication for morning sickness, if it interferes with routine?

Safe medication is available to reduce morning sickness. But have your doctor prescribe them for you. Do not take any medication without a doctor’s advice.



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