Marital Therapy

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  • Updated: Oct 02, 2003 20:04 IST

It is said that “a wedding is an event but a marriage is an achievement”. There are a great number of factors governing the marital relationship. Not all of them are sweetly romantic. Some aspects may be harsh but nevertheless realistic.

Today, a marriage cannot be settled by matching horoscopes as per the Indian tradition. It has to be considered from various points of view such as education, culture, compatibility, the economics etc.

Tragically, despite the best efforts of parents, relatives, and well wishers to match a couple as best as possible, many marriages fail – many more marriages than we would like to believe.

Failure in marriage does not necessarily mean only the extreme step of divorce. Often, failure is a long-drawn, painful process or one, from which there seems no way out. Conflicting demands of home and work, children, sexual incompatibility, alcoholism, extra marital affairs, lack of interpersonal relations, lack of proper communication, lack of trust, lack of understanding, and problems of superiority or inferiority complex are just a few of the various factors that affect a marriage.

Marital failure results in different consequences for different persons. Apart from personal unhappiness, trauma for children, the persons involved are unable to achieve their full potential in terms of education, career, sports and cultural activities. Too much time and effort goes into coping with incompatibility or a breaking relationship.



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