Readers' queries on hearing disorders

My brother is 39 years old and has partial hearing loss since birth. For the past few years, he has developed severe tinnitus in both ears and is depressed because of the continuous, high pitch ringing in both ears. This tinnitus leads to headache and irritation throughout the day and night. Is there a cure?
First, the cause needs to be identified. In 70% of the cases, the cause is identifiable. There are certain therapies that can reduce the problem. These are de-generative disorders and can recur.

I hear beeps in the ear. As winter nights are generally quiet, I keep beeps in both ears. I would listen to loud music with my earphones on a few years ago.
The condition tinnitus can be of different kinds and can originate from different parts. You need to see an ENT specialist

My 67-year-old father has undergone through audio-metric test and was suggested a hearing machine. Presently, he is using clip model of resound machine. According to the audiometric test, his right ear is completely gone. Only his left ear works that is also weak. I have read about cochlear implant in the article. Should he undergo one?
It is always a good idea to have the implant in the ear that has totally lost the hearing power and have an aid in the weak one.

I'm 75 years old and for the past some time I am experiencing some hearing loss. I feel humming/ringing in both the ears. While watching TV, the speech is not audible though I can hear the voice normally otherwise.
You seem to be suffering from age-related hearing loss. You need to see an ENT specialist, as you may require a hearing-aid.

I am 73 years old using hearing aid. I have recently got cervical problem and as per ENT doctor, it is mainly due to loss of balance in the fluid in the inner ears. Is there any scope of improvement?
You must see an ENT who specialises in inner ear problems.

Dr JM Hans, senior consultant, BLK centre for cochlear implants


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