Regular check-ups for a healthy you

  • Rhythma Kaul, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Sep 23, 2013 03:37 IST

Fast-paced life, mounting stress, pollution: these modern evils can together wreck havoc with health.

The least one can do to ensure that the warning signs are caught early is get regular preventive health check-ups and screenings. 

“Taking out time is important to prevent lifestyle-related disorders that are common these days. The earlier you begin getting health checkups done, the better it is as treatment started early is most effective,” said Dr SP Byotra, chairman, department of internal medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

The question is when to start and how. Though it is advisable to meet a general physician who will be a better judge of your requirements as per your family and medical history, there are some tests that can be done at various stages.

The regular health check-up should ideally be done once every year—whether it is at the start of the year or at the end can be your choice.


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