Salt therapy for good health

In this city where pollution has made many of us suffer from respiratory disorders, a drug free treatment to cure them does sound exciting. Salt Room Therapy from London, which has recently opened in the city, promises just that. The wellness centre claims the therapy is natural and not only helps people suffering from breathing problems and allergies, but also those suffering from skin disorders such as eczema.

Once you enter the centre, a doctor diagnoses your problem and then prescribes the number of treatment sessions you need to go for.

A natural salt cave environment is mimicked inside a spacious therapy room with walls and floor made up of seven to eight tonnes of salt. There are comfortable loungers placed inside the room where one has to go and relax and breathe in air saturated with saline aerosol, which is produced through a special halogenerator. It works on the concept that dry sodium chloride aerosol particles less than five micrometers in size penetrate into the lungs and have a healing effect.

There are two rooms — one for adults and the other for children. After 20 minutes of the session (one session is for an hour), I could feel a difference in my breathing pattern and felt all relaxed. The price of Rs 2,700 for an hour long session might be a bit steep for most of us.

Where: Salt Room Therapy, 8 Shivalik Road
Tel: 011-45606999, 011-45607999 

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