Single men and smokers at high risk of cancer

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  • Updated: Jul 07, 2013 23:48 IST

Smokers and single men are more likely to acquire cancer-causing oral human papillomavirus, according to a new study.

Researchers from Moffitt Cancer Center, the National Cancer Institute, Mexico and Brazil report that newly acquired oral HPV infections in healthy men are rare and when present, usually resolve within one year.

HPV infection is known to cause virtually all cervical cancers, most anal cancers and some genital cancers. It has recently been established as a cause of the majority of oropharyngeal cancers, a malignancy of the tonsils and base of tongue.

“Some types of HPV, such as HPV16, are known to cause cancer at multiple places in the body, including the oral cavity,” said study lead author Christine M Pierce Campbell.

Their findings are consistent. However, this study shows the acquisition of cancer-causing oral HPV appeared greater among smokers and unmarried men.


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