Soon, 'microwave' that counts calories in food

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  • Updated: Jul 08, 2014 05:34 IST

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A scientist has developed a gadget that counts the calories in a plate of food at the press of a button.

GE senior scientist Matt Webster's wife had asked him to gift her something that could also easily track the calories in the food she was eating, Cnet reported.

The machine takes advantage of the fact that microwaves penetrate fat and water differently, and it can estimate a food's calorie content by using just three measurements derived from a dose of microwave energy: fat, water and weight.

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The rest of the caloric information is extrapolated from these metrics and the method has accurately predicted the calorie content of the foods fed into it over the course of 40-50 experiments with a variation of only 5 to 10%.

One of the versions of the gadget would go on top of a plate of food and then, with a press of a button.


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