Sunshield your skin, inside out

Skin is the mirror of what you eat. So when you gorge on an oil-laden samosa, you often end up with a pimple on your face. Similarly, when you are on a healthy and balanced diet, your skin glows with vibrance.

This is because the right food essentially helps you fight a number of complexities involved with skin, including dryness, dullness, sunburn and tan. Yes, consumption of certain food items can actually help you keep even sunburn  at bay."While it's a good idea to always apply sunscreen lotions or creams, or warding off the sun with sunglasses, a hat or scarf, our diet can also help us protect our skin and prepare it to face the harsh rays without causing damage. Research shows that certain nutrients found in certain foods can act as a type of sun shield from within and help protect one's skin from the UV rays of the sun," says dermatologist Dr Varun Katyal of The Skin Centre.

Agrees dermatologist Dr Deepali Bhardwaaj of Rockland Hospital.

"Indeed, food items like citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, almonds, coconut water etc develop the immunity of your skin cells from within, and this increased immunity helps it fight the harsh effects of the sun, thus saving you from burns and tans. Application of sunscreen lotions can only help you in case of on-the-surface burns but if you want to face the sun and fight it, opt for these food items."


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