File photo: Bollywood actor Kajol during an event. (HT Photo)

Mumbai's Most Stylish Woman of Substance

One of the most loved actresses from the '90s, Kajol has broken the stereotype of a stylish person. At a time when being fashionable was a rare luxury, Kajol proved that it is your innate sense of style and not blindly following fashion trends that makes you beautiful.

She wears confidence on her sleeve, and complements her outfits with her wit and charm. Be it a chiffon sari or a floor-length gown, Kajol bring her flawless fashion sensibilities to every look she sports.

She embraces style with élan and effortlessness - something very few people are able to do.

What makes Kajol Mumbai’s Most Stylish Woman of Substance

"I think that Kajol doesn’t take fashion too seriously and she does what she likes, and that comes across very well. I think she doesn’t try to follow trends. She does her own things in her comfortable way. Kajol carries off anything very easily," photographer to the stars, Avinash Gowariker, says.


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