Cannes Film Festival to ban selfies

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times, Chennai
  • Updated: Dec 03, 2014 19:38 IST

These are times of s


. For those not yet familiar with the term, selfies, it means taking pictures of oneself with one’s own mobile telephone instrument. The photograph may include one’s friend or relative or celebrity.

At the just-concluded International Film Festival of India in Panaji, many people sporting a cellular phone were shooting selfies. It was a strange sight to watch master helmer Adoor Gopalakrishnan being in such a picture taken by a fan of his.

A little while ago, at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, there were selfies galore. Often, Indian actor Irrfan Khan was the “victim”!

These are, then, clearly the days of selfies. But there is going to be a ban in the time of selfies. The Cannes Film Festival, whose next edition begins in mid-May, plans to stop people from indulging in selfies. At least on the famed Red Carpet.

A Screen Daily report says that Thierry Fremaux – Cannes’ Artistic Director who, though, actually runs the Festival – told a master class at Ventana Sur that

“It’s important to preserve the idea of Cannes. We’re going to ban selfies. Cannes is everybody’s festival. Every person is important and every person counts in protecting the house.”

(Cameras and Cannes have been like Siamese twins, absolutely inseparable. The Cannes beach is a still a haunt of lensmen, who wait for a great photo-op. Many years ago in 1954, when the Festival was still young, actress Simone Silva caused a controversy when she posed topless on the beach with actor and singer Robert Mitchum. There have been several other scandals of the same sort.)

Ventana Sur, which holds Latin America’s biggest movie market in Buenos Aires, organised a Cannes Film Week the other day, and invited Fremaux to speak.

With the Cannes chief, Gilles Jacob, to step down in July 2015, Fremaux – who has already been part of the Festival for 13 years – will be taking full control of 12-day event, the biggest and the best of its kind in the world.

(Gautaman Bhaskaran has covered the Cannes Film Festival for 25 years.)

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