70-foot whale found dead in Karachi

  • PTI, Karachi
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  • Updated: Aug 12, 2014 08:58 IST

The dead body of a 70-foot whale has been washed ashore the coastal belt of Pakistan's commercial hub Karachi on Tuesday.

Local fishermen in Ghas Bander village situated on the coastal belt said the dead body of the whale got entangled in their fishing nets.

"With great difficulty we managed to bring it ashore. Two launches with 12 fishermen were used to bring the whale ashore," a local fisherman said.

For fear of collision with boats, local fishermen generally view whales as dangerous and maintain a safe distance from them when out in the sea.

In July 2014, a 30 to 40-foot whale was found dead near the coast of Karachi.

Earlier in July 2010, a whale shark that died after becoming entangled in a net cast off Karachi's Hawkesbay beach was dragged on to the shore by local fishermen.

Unregulated use of  in commercial fishing and a huge increase in fishing vessels are regarded as major threats to the species


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