‘Kashmir Day’ cancelled in Pakistan

Heavy downpours shelved plans of various organisations in different Pakistani cities to observe Kashmir Day, a public holiday usually marked by rallies in support of independence for Kashmir.

Kashmir Day is marked on February 5. The weather did not stop the Difa-e-Pakistan council to hold a “leave Kashmir” rally in Lahore on Tuesday.

In the well attended rally, Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed urged India to quit the valley otherwise it would face defeat. He said that the fate of Nato forces in Afghanistan was “very much there for everyone to see.”

Praising the Taliban and Mullah Omar, the JuD chief said that it was their patience and bravery that helped defeat the Nato forces.

Saeed expressed support for all Kashmiri leaders and prayed to God to protect and unite them. “India’s army of 800,000 will lose… Kashmiris will get independence,” he predicted.


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