Singapore: 3 Indians jailed for forging documents

  • PTI, Singapore
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  • Updated: Jul 17, 2013 17:21 IST

Three Indians were among 25 foreigners who were sentenced up to four weeks in prison by a Singaporean court for submitting forged documents to obtain work permits.

The city state's Manpower ministry said on Wednesday that all of them submitted forged academic certificates to apply for work passes, as they did not possess required university degree.

All 25 accused pleaded guilty to the charges in a court in Singapore on Tuesday. 20 of them were sentenced to four weeks' of imprisonment. The other five were unable to pay 5,000 Singaporean dollars fine and thus will be serving 20 days of jail term instead, the ministry said.

The group includes few chefs, a hairstylist and a dance choreographer. They obtained work passes between May and August 2012 to work in operations, sales and retail.

24 of them obtained forged academic certificates from their home countries, while the other knew that a forged certificate was submitted on her behalf by an employment agent and intentionally failed to notify the Ministry.

The group comprising 20 males and five females, includes 21 from Myanmar, three from India and one from the Philippines.

Singapore has prosecuted 28 offenders for similar offences in the first half this year and 43 last year.


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