Australian man fined for mooning Queen Elizabeth

  • AP, Brisbane
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  • Updated: Feb 16, 2012 08:01 IST

A Sydney man has been fined 750 Australian dollars ($800) for mooning Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, during a royal visit to Australia.

Barman Liam Lloyd Warriner was sentenced on Tuesday in a Brisbane court on a charge of creating a public nuisance for baring his buttocks to the 85-year-old British monarch and her 90-year-old husband in October. Prosecutors had asked for a AU$1,000 fine.

Warriner admitted holding an Australian flag clenched between his bare buttocks and running as the royal couple's motorcade drove past well-wishers. It is not clear whether the royal couple saw Warriner.

Warriner said outside court on Tuesday that he'd do the same thing to "any self-important, self-propagating elitist."


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