Bald cats 'friendliest' but common moggies are 'grumpiest'

  • ANI, London
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  • Updated: Dec 04, 2012 00:38 IST

Researchers have ranked cat breeds from the most affectionate to the least, with the hairless sphynx coming out on top and the common moggy being named the most unfriendly.

By reputation, they are aloof and solitary creatures, which only display affection grudgingly and judiciously but this popular perception of cats turns out to be unfair - while many are surly, this is down to their breed and others are far more genial.

Cats identified as the most unfriendly were non-pedigree, crossbreed 'moggies' - also known as domestic short-haired cats. They are Britain's most common variety.

Moggies scored poor marks for their interactions with humans, being the most likely to ignore their owners and run away from strangers.


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