British MPs concerned over UK's link with ISI: report

  • PTI, London
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  • Updated: Aug 09, 2009 21:47 IST
Amid growing concerns about Britain's relationship with Pakistan's ISI spy agency, lawmakers in London have demanded an urgent inquiry into UK's complicity in the torture of detainees in Pakistan, Egypt and Uzbekistan following a critical report by a House panel on human rights.

After a critical report by parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Conservatives called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to order an urgent inquiry into the committee's claims of UK complicity in the torture of detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Pakistan, Egypt, and Uzbekistan, the Daily Telegraph said on Sunday.

MPs expressed particular concern about Britain's relationship with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, calling for an explicit assurance that UK officials would not be "uncritical of, or complicit in, abuses of human rights", it said.

In a separate report, the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee warned ministers that the use of information supplied by foreign intelligence agencies implicated in the torture of detainees could amount to complicity, the British daily said.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Home Secretary Alan Johnson insisted that everything possible is done to minimise the risk of mistreatment by foreign regimes.


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