Buddha was born in Nepal, stresses India

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  • Updated: Sep 15, 2013 22:29 IST

Dispelling some media reports and outrage in Nepal on Zee TV's serial on Lord Buddha, the Indian embassy in Kathmandu has made it clear that Buddha was born in Nepal.

Only last week, protesting Zee TV's claim that Buddha was born in India, the Nepal Cable TV Association banned the telecast of the inaugural episode of the serial to millions of households in Nepal.

"We respect all your sentiments," the Indian embassy said in its Facebook page.

"Our recent post on Lord Buddha was to clear any doubts related with the birth of Lord Buddha, which is in Lumbini, Nepal, and to express the feeling of Government of India."

After the serial's claim, many Nepal youth had vented their ire and anguish on the streets, and lodged their protests in social media like Facebook and Twitter, claiming Buddha was born in Nepal.

"Our objective through this page is to establish goodwill between our two countries," the Indian embassy stated.

"India cannot progress without the progress of Nepal and wishes every prosperity for the people of Nepal."

Therefore, said the embassy, any derogatory remark, abusive remark, foul expression and disrespect to the rich cultural heritage and values of both Nepal and India on this official Facebook page would now be deleted and users would be banned from accessing this page.

"We thank you for the understanding the sensitivity of our friendly and people-to-people relations between Nepal and India," the statement added.


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