China leaders map out anti-graft campaign for 2013

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  • Updated: Jan 01, 2013 16:34 IST

Concerned over rampant corruption cases in China, the ruling Communist Party's new leaders on Tuesday came out with a fresh strategy to tackle the menace, seen as the biggest threat to the party's six-decade-long hold on power.

Xi Jinping, who succeeded Hu Jintao as the general secretary of CPC two months ago held the 25-member politburo meeting to map out this year's anti-corruption efforts to display new leadership's resolve to tackle the problem seen as a threat to the party's stability and legitimacy.

59-year-old Xi formally takes over as President when Hu along with his team retires in March this year.

The once-in-a-decade leadership change which took place in November last year was regarded as the smoothest power transfer since the Communist Party assumed power in 1949.

The Politburo ordered the party's disciplinary bodies to investigate corruption cases and punish corrupt officials, reports in Beijing said.

"It also ordered the disciplinary agencies to conduct routine checks on the enforcement of new guidelines set out at its last meeting, calling on party members to reject extravagance and rein in bureaucracy", the reports said.

The guidelines also said members should forge closer bonds with the people, should travel light with a small entourage, conduct shorter meetings, shorten speeches and reduce media coverage of officials' activities.

CPC will make more efforts to wean its members away from extravagance, bureaucratic behaviours and abuse of power as part of an anti-graft drive in the new year, state run Xinhua reported.

The move is part of the 2013 anti-graft plan, it said.

"The fight against corruption is still arduous under the new circumstances, and a small number of Party members have a weak sense of responsibility," an official statement said.

Both Hu and Xi identified corruption as the main threat to the Party and China after series of scandals rocked the party ahead of the leadership change.

While disgraced leader, Bo Xilai who was charged with various offences, including corruption, awaited trial, online media has exposed a number of scandals including a top official wearing a number of watches worth about $40,000, officials involved in various sex scandals including a police official keeping twin sisters as concubines.


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