Egypt’s military warns against political ‘maneuvering’

  • Agencies, Cairo, Egypt
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  • Updated: Jul 10, 2013 01:16 IST

Egypt’s army chief says the military will not accept political “maneuvering,” in a thinly veiled warning to the only Islamist party that sided with the army’s removal of president Mohammed Morsi, but has since had frictions with other factions over forming a new leadership.

Defense minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Tuesday in a statement carried by state TV that “the future of the nation is too important and sacred for maneuvers or hindrance, whatever the justifications.”

The statement appears to refer to days of political stalemate after an ultraconservative party, Al-Nour, objected to two nominees for prime minister and outright blocked one of them, pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei.

El-Sissi’s statement comes shortly after a prominent economist Hazem el-Beblawi was named prime minister.

$5 bn help from Saudi

Saudi Arabia approved a $5 billion aid package to Egypt on Tuesday comprising a $2 billion central bank deposit, $2 billion in energy products, and $1 billion in cash, the Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf said.

The aid comes after the Egyptian army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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