The worst mistakes you can make on a new job

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  • Updated: Mar 20, 2013 23:44 IST

Biggest challenge after you’ve got a job is yet to come, as experts warn that the first 90 days will make or break your success

Career expert Russell Johnson says the biggest mistake people make when they start in a new workplace is they don’t realise how important the first three months actually are

“It’s simply that people are making their impression and first impressions are notoriously difficult to change — we make them emotionally, non-rationally, and intuitively,” he says

Another major blunder people make is people feign too much confidence and don’t ask for enough help

“If you ask for help you’re acknowledging ‘I’m a newcomer here; there’s a lot I don’t understand’,” he says.

By asking for assistance you will learn more and you will create relationships with your colleagues.

Another mistake people make in new jobs is they put off difficult tasks in favour of doing easy things.

Johnson says relationships will make or break your career — but some people make the mistake of being dragged into gossip in an effort to fit in.

Another major error is not speaking up when their new job is different from what they were promised, says Mike Roddy from recruitment firm Randstad.


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