Facebook strangers convince 4-year-old Noah it's cool to wear glasses

Remember the time when you first heard the news that you would have to wear spectacles? The reaction ranges from incredulity to plain horror. "What?? I'll have to wear specs?? I'll look so weird! What will people think??"

A storm rages in our mind, making us obsessed with the fact that we would have an alien object dangling over our nose for a long time to come. Even adults have a hard time getting used to the fact. Considered not-so-cool and often associated with nerdiness, wearing specs has often been the ultimate nightmare of image conscious people.

Now imagine the predicament a 4-year-old who is told he will have to wear glasses and the parents who will have to coax him into wearing it.

Concerned over their child hating his new specs, parents of 4-year-old Noah created a community page on social networking site Facebook and invited people to post pictures of them wearing their glasses to make him believe that they're "cool."

A photo of 4-year-old Facebook celebrity, Noah, wearing his glasses. (Facebook page Glasses for Noah)

"Our sweet 4-year old, Noah, just got glasses and is having a hard time adjusting. The saddest part is that he doesn't want to wear them because, as he keeps telling us, 'everyone will laugh at him'. Soooo... Let's show Noah how awesome glasses really are by posting some pictures for him to see you in your glasses! Thank you for all the support - Noah sees each and every one of these pictures. Love to you all!!" says the description of the page titled Glasses for Noah.

A screengrab of the community page 'Glasses for Noah' created by 4-year-old Noah's parents. (Facebook page Glasses for Noah)

However, the parents probably did not expect the spectacular response they received from the denizens of Facebook. Smitten by the pictures of the cute little kid trying to adjust to his new pair of specs, people have flooded the timeline of the page with pictures of them wearing their glasses. At the time of filing this story, the page had almost 3,000 likes.

"Noah, Batman wears glasses too," says the post of a supporter with a photo of Christian Bale wearing glasses.

VIDEO: Night  #3 of glasses for Noah



"Hey Noah! Only cool people wear glasses!! Be proud lil man!" says another supporter.

"Hi Noah this is my little boy called keanu he has had to wear glasses from the age of 3 and he's 9 now he's never had a problem with wearing them no one has ever picked or laughed at him. And he always goes for the most wacky ones," posted a mother with a picture of her kid.

A screengrab of the community page 'Glasses for Noah' created by 4-year-old Noah's parents. (Facebook page Glasses for Noah)

Overwhelmed by the response, Noah's parents posted a thank you note. "Thank you SO much for all of the photos - Noah is LOVING them!! Facebook won't let me share any more of your pictures at the moment - but please keep them coming! Y'all are amazing and we would give each of you a hug if we could!!!" read the post.

(Dear Noah, this writer wore glasses for almost 13 years and fully supports you)


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