FBI releases images of Boston bomb suspects

These images released by the FBI shows Suspect One (L) and Suspect Two (R) walking along the route of the Boston Marathon. AFP photo

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday released pictures of two men they suspect planted the bombs that killed three people and injured 176 at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Both men are wearing baseball caps, one of them, in white cap,  has it backwards making himself visible clearly. He is being called Suspect Number 2.

The other man, who is wearing a dark cap, is Suspect No 1. He has his cap pulled down low on his face, and is wearing dark sunglasses, making it difficult to see him clearly.

The FBI also released a video of them walking in together on the sidewalk -- suspect No 1, with suspect No 2 following him. Both of them have their backpacks on in these visuals.

Suspect no 2 is seen in a videotape that the FBI did’t release placing the bag, containing the explosive device, on the ground at the site of the second explosion.

The investigators don’t have a similar image for Suspect no 1.

In releasing these images the FBI has admitted they failed to catch them, and wanted people’s help catch them. But there is a possibility may have left the country already.

Lead FBI investigator Richard Deslauriers said releasing the images that people should not try and apprehend these men on their own. They are dangerous and possibly armed.

Deslauriers said the investigators had first visual evidence of one person of interest, without knowing then if he had one or more accomplices.

He did not say how the investigators obtained these images.

Authorities have from within hours of the attacks sought images from people carrying cams or smartphones around the blast site.

They also looked at tapes from surveillance cameras in the area.


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