‘Fed up’ judge orders GPS tag to track UK teen’s anti-social behaviour

  • Agencies, London
  • Updated: Jun 20, 2016 00:57 IST
Police Constable Mike Ellis, Oxford anti-social behaviour officer, said it was the first case in the country where an under-18 had been given the punishment. (Shutterstock)

A 15-year-old boy has become the first child in the UK to be fitted with a GPS tag, allowing police to track his “anti-social” behaviour, media reports said on Sunday.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a criminal behaviour order in a landmark ruling which requires him to wear the Global Positioning System (GPS) tag for six months, The Mirror reported.

The offender must wear the electronic tag at all the times so that police can track and monitor his actions, the report said.

Initially, he was given a warning but continued to offend, including threatening a 14-year-old girl with a replica firearm and brandishing a firearm in the street, it said.

A youth court delivered the judgement after the teen wreaked havoc in Oxford and Didcot in November last year, committing a string of crimes including burglary and robbery, the report said.

Fed up with his behaviour, a judge ordered the boy’s movements be monitored using a tag in April this year.

Police Constable Mike Ellis, Oxford anti-social behaviour officer, said it was the first case in the country where an under-18 had been given the punishment.

“We believe there may have been a similar order made with an adult in London but this is the first in the country with a youth. I think it will be very successful not just in this case but also in the future,” Ellis said.

“It allows us to see if he is involved in any anti-social behaviour we get reported to us. The tag allows us to see if he has been in the area where the crime took place or whether he is behaving himself. This is really to act as a deterrent to the offender as they know we will be able to see whether they were near where a crime took place,” he added.

Guardians - GPS to track children

A Kochi-based start-up has launched a GPS enabled app that gives parents a live update on the movement of their children to school and back.

‘Guardians’, an innovative product developed by Transight Systems Pvt Ltd was launched at the Rajagiri Public School Kalamassery in Kochi in the presence of Director of Rajagiri Schools, Father Varghese Kachapilly.

It is a smart identification system that includes a smart identity card for each student and a Radio Frequency Card Reader with GNSS/GPS Transight models, which will be installed in school buses.

All these devices are connected to the Transight Cloud Account of the school, where movement of students and buses are managed.

Every parent will get their own accounts in this cloud, and once the application is downloaded they will receive all updates and alerts live on their smart phones as and when their child boards and alights the school bus.

The system also has some other interesting features like leave reporting, live tracking and absent reports.

If required, one can also alter the boarding point using the application, CEO of Transight, Feroz Rehman said.

The app will help parents monitor and manage their child’s transportation by keeping track of the school bus approaching the boarding stop and school.

Parents can also receive instant notifications as soon as their child successfully boards the bus and reaches the school premises, along with additional updates of bus movements throughout their journey.

Besides, parents can report the leave request of their child through this application, which in-turn helps to ensure the child’s safety by identifying non-reported absence. Parents will also get the attendance reports of their child, which is shared from the school records.

As far as schools are concerned, the management will be notified with instant reports of absentee students as soon as the bus enters and leaves the school premises.

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