Half of Britons 'want to relocate abroad'

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  • Updated: Apr 15, 2012 19:57 IST

Believe it or not, nearly half of all Britons want to relocate abroad. This is according to a survey by YouGov for The Sun tabloid.

Australia is top of the relocation destinations followed by the US, Canada and New Zealand, according to the poll which listed the cost of living, weather, unemployment and crime as the most common reasons for people wanting to quit Britain.

Three in five think quality of life will be worse for their kids than it has been for them. Just 13 per cent think their children will have it better, the poll of 1,650 adults has found.

Six per cent of those polled are actively making plans to leave, and 42 per cent say they will seriously consider it. The cost of living was named by 52 per cent as a good reason for leaving, the survey revealed.

The weather scored 37 per cent, job availability 31 per cent and crime 27 per cent. Britain's countryside would be missed by 25 per cent, the NHS by 19 per cent and TV by 10 per cent, the poll found.

Nothing else about life here rated double figures. Standards of education, pollution and the environment were listed as good reasons for moving abroad.

And incredibly, 11 per cent of those quizzed even listed "British people" as their motivation to go. Only 11 per cent of Britons said there was nothing that could make them want to leave the UK.

The survey also shows a shift in attitudes to emigration. While half of Britons today would consider leaving our home nation, only 20 per cent say their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents moved to Britain from overseas.


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