Italian marines are being questioned in Rome

  • AP, Rome
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  • Updated: Mar 20, 2013 20:40 IST

The two Italian marines that India is insisting be sent back to India to face trial in the deaths of two fishermen, are being questioned by a military prosecutor in Rome.

India and Italy are in a nasty standoff over the case.

India's Supreme Court barred the Italian ambassador from leaving the country after the Italian government refused to return the marines to India. The two have been charged in India with killing two Indian fishermen whom the marines say they mistook for pirates.

The Italians were on anti-pirate duty aboard a cargo ship off India's coast in February 2012.

Italy insists the shooting happened in international waters and that India has no jurisdiction.

The Italians were allowed to return home to vote in February elections, then Italy announced they would not go back to India.


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