• File photograph of Malaysian Airlines jet MH370 taking off from the runway. (Photo : Agencies)
    Aug 01, 2015 14:21 IST

    Airplane debris arrives in France to see if it is part of MH370

    Airplane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion which may belong to the vanished Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 arrived in France on Saturday for further investigation.

  • Jalaluddin Haqqani,
    Aug 01, 2015 13:24 IST

    Taliban deny reports of Haqqani network founder's death

    The Taliban Saturday denied reports of the death of the founder of Haqqani network, its allied militant group blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan.

  • Cecil the Lion, Zimbabwe, Lion Poaching
    Aug 01, 2015 12:55 IST

    Killing of Cecil puts pressure on US to protect African lions

    The illegal killing of Zimbabwe's popular Cecil the lion by a US hunter has created pressure on Washington to extend legal protection to the African lion by declaring it an endangered species, but some hunting advocates have said the resulting regulations could ultimately harm the big cats.

  • hitler7
    Aug 01, 2015 09:21 IST

    Germany shelves Nazi war crimes probe of 96-year-old US man

    German prosecutors have scrapped their Nazi war crimes investigation of a retired Minnesota carpenter who The Associated Press exposed as a former commander in an SS-led unit, after ruling on Friday that the 96-year old is not fit to stand for trial.

  • Islamic State
    Aug 01, 2015 09:49 IST

    IS attack kills 5 Libyan troops, 18 missing: Reports

    A military source told the Lana agency, loyal to the recognised government, that five soldiers were killed and 18 other soldiers are missing in an attack carried out by the Libyan branch of the Islamic State group on Friday.

  • White House
    Aug 01, 2015 09:42 IST

    Circumstances of Mullah Omar's death uncertain: White House

    The White House said that Mullah Omar's death represents a chance for yet more progress on the path to a stable and secure Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban leader, fighting to topple the afghan government, died more than two years ago, as per Afghanistan.

  • Osama bin Laden
    Aug 01, 2015 08:09 IST

    Osama bin Laden relatives killed in jet crash in Britain: Reports

    A private jet crashed in southern England on Friday, killing four people on board, a spokesman for Britain's Hampshire police service said, and Saudi and British media said the passengers were relatives of deceased al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

  • Chinese Army
    Aug 01, 2015 10:07 IST

    China warns of growing border security risks on Army Day

    China's military warned about growing risks along its borders, including in the disputed waters of the South and East China Seas, on Saturday as in celebrated the anniversary of its establishment.

  • US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power during her visit to the Cuba's UN mission.
    Aug 01, 2015 09:19 IST

    US envoy's visit to Cuba's UN Mission, a first in decades

    Cuba and the United States broke off diplomatic relations in 1961 during tense Cold War times. After almost 54 years of hostilities, US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced on Dec 17 that they would negotiate a restoration of ties.

  • A health official
    Aug 01, 2015 08:48 IST

    Breakthrough in quest for Ebola cure after vaccine test success

    An Ebola vaccine test successfully provided blanket protection during a field trial conducted in Guinea, researches announced on Friday, possibly marking "the beginning of the end" for the devastating West African outbreak that has killed thousands.

  • Joaquin Guzman, El Chappo, Mexican Drug lord, Sinaloa Cartel
    Aug 01, 2015 09:02 IST

    US order extraditing fugitive 'Chapo' Guzman suspended

    After eluding capture for 13 years, Guzman was arrested in his native Sinaloa state in February 2014. the dramatic prison break on July 11 was Guzman's second since a previous 2001 escape.

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Aug 01, 2015 00:46 IST

    Facebook's Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan expecting daughter

    Mark Zuckerberg and his pediatrician wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a baby, the Facebook CEO announced late on Friday night.

  • Jalaluddin Haqqani,
    Jul 31, 2015 21:27 IST

    Haqqani network chief died a year ago? Family denies

    Family members of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the fearsome Haqqani network, have denied reports of his death.

  • Mullah Omar
    Jul 31, 2015 20:24 IST

    Rift appears in Afghan Taliban ranks after Mullah Omar's death

    The initial signs of the fractures within the Afghan Taliban group surfaced on Friday as the son of Mullah Mohammad Omar rejected the choice of his successor, just hours after the group issued a statement praising their new leader as one of the late chief's most "trusted" associates.

  • Fukushima
    Jul 31, 2015 20:32 IST

    Fukushima disaster: 3 ex-executives to face criminal charges

    A Japanese judicial committee, in its July 17 decision, alleged that the three former executives neglected to take sufficient measures even though they were fully aware of the risk of a major tsunami at the Fukushima nuclear plant at least two years before the accident.