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Malaysia's defence minister hopeful MH370 will be found

Malaysia's defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein said on Wednesday his country was determined to find missing Flight MH370, as he was briefed by Australian officials leading the complex search deep in the Indian Ocean.

Hunt for missing Malaysia plane MH370 to resume

Crews will resume the underwater hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at the end of the month, and will begin the search in an area farther south than initially planned, a senior search official said Friday.

'MH370 may have turned south earlier than thought'

Australia said on Thursday the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will focus on the southern part of the existing search zone after new information suggested it 'may have turned south' earlier than thought.

Families wage citizen campaign as Voice370 to solve MH370 mystery

In an open letter to authorities in Malaysia, Australia and China in May, a skeptical Voice370 demanded to see satellite and other data that Malaysia says indicates MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean.

New evidence of MH370 jet cockpit tampering emerges in probe

Investigators probing the disappearance of Flight MH370 have discovered possible new evidence of tampering with the plane's cockpit equipment which experts believe could be part of an attempt to avoid radar detection, according to a media report.

MH370: Dutch survey vessel mapping ocean floor

Dutch engineers this week started a months-long survey to map unchartered deep-sea terrain at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the next step in the search for the wreck of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a company official told Reuters.

MH370 pilot not a suspect, Malaysia rejects report

"Don't listen to speculation, basically it's not fair to the pilot's family. It's about family and he has children and this time, if you're wrong, how are you going to repair the damage," acting Malaysian transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein said.

'MH370 pilot 'chief suspect' in case of foul play'

The captain of Flight MH370 has been identified as the prime suspect by a Malaysian police investigation into the disappearance of the plane after checks cleared all other people on board, a media report said on Sunday.

Time deepens agony for Flight 370 relatives

In the more than 100 days since her husband disappeared along with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Zhang Qian's world has collapsed. She quit her job, sleeps rarely and prefers not to go out, except to the Buddhist temples where she has found some solace.

MH370 search yet to target most likely crash site

The search for the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 is yet to target the most likely crash site, having been distracted by what is now believed to have been a bogus signal, British company Inmarsat claimed on Tuesday.

Malaysia vows to keep searching for MH370

Malaysia's government pledged that it "will not rest" until missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is found, as it marked the 100th day since the plane vanished on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew.

MH370 Chinese kin meet wall of silence from airline

Frustrated Chinese relatives of passengers onboard missing Flight MH370 Wednesday visited the offices of Malaysia Airlines in Beijing to confront officials after regular briefings by the airline were halted.

MH370 families raise funds to find 'whistleblower'

Several families of those aboard Flight MH370 on Sunday launched a drive to raise $5 million to reward any insider who comes forward and resolves the mystery of the plane's disappearance exactly three months ago.

Australia probes possible MH370 witness account

Australia was on Wednesday investigating an account from a sailor who said she may have seen Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on fire, as officials said the underwater hunt for the plane could dive much deeper.

Underwater sound examined for links to MH370

The low-frequency sound was picked up by underwater listening devices in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia on March 8, the same day the Boeing 777 disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing with 239 people on board.
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