Mystery of China’s retiring leaders

  • PTI, Beijing
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  • Updated: Mar 15, 2013 23:34 IST

As top Chinese leaders headed by Hu Jintao retired en-masse after a decade-long stint in power, mystery shrouds their post retirement life, which some say is leisure and family life while others say they could still remain active in intriguing backroom politics.

Since the death of Mao Zedong, the founder the ruling Communist Party of China, the party put a cap of two terms of five years on leaders, abolishing the life-long tenures.

The past two transitions saw many faded into oblivion, enjoying the rich, post-retirement privileges, but one retired leader and former President Jiang Zemin stood out, remaining a key player leading his Shanghai faction.

He played a key role even in the present transition, ensuring majority of his followers got plum posts.


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